As a business owner and/or senior-level officer, LittleFoot Energy understands your responsibilities to the business, board members and shareholders. Your focus is on investment results and quarterly numbers. You may not have time to worry about the details of the inner workings of your facilities or you may have noticed that your earnings are shrinking due to rising operating costs. Thankfully, we can help with those concerns in an efficient and timely manner so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time (and money) on the process but be assured time and money spent will return results.
  • LittleFoot Energy has the ability to find the best sustainable initiatives for your business based on its needs and goals.  These improvements will not only be attractive to your shareholders, but to your customers as well, while giving your business a fresh competitive edge
  • We help businesses navigate the complexities of sustainability, such as technology selection and incentives, by keeping focus on achieving profit improvements.  By being a leader in identifying a new sustainable marketplace, you are securing your business' future competiveness.
  • LittleFoot Energy sustainability initiatives offer the peace of mind of performance guarantees, backed up with comprehensive analysis and the ability for the improvements to be self-funded through improved cash flow and risk reduction on projects and your business as a whole. LittleFoot Energy guarantees that your investment in sustainable projects is a safe one, and locking in your sustainability now will reduce any more risk the future could hold on uncertain energy prices.
  • To maximize your effectiveness, LittleFoot Energy will help you define your sustainability plan and then help you execute it, ensuring success and freeing your time to focus on strategy.
Sustainability Manager

As a sustainability manager, it is your responsibility to explore the best ways to invest in projects for your business. We want to help you do your job the best you can! LittleFoot Energy not only has the knowledge to come in and find where improvements can be made, but also to provide a complete package solution for your company. We will continue to work with you and your team throughout the life of the systems we implement to continually optimize their performance.
  • We use a holistic approach when it comes to examining your business, meaning we “leave no stone unturned” and look at every possible project that can be monetized but only focus on the best projects for your business based on financing, your overall energy reduction goals and other goals like carbon reduction.
  • By helping businesses prioritize, monetize and implement sustainability projects, we are able to strengthen your business' position in the marketplace for the future.
  • By integrating projects with free energy guaranteed by renewable energies, your business can see a compounding improvement on your bottom line over time even while traditional energy prices continue to inflate.
  • We offer a turnkey solution, meaning LittleFoot Energy prepares everything so you can focus on your business' core priorities.
  • We provide the appropriate documentation to help facilitate internal consensus on moving forward with projects in a timely manner and help facilitate better financial terms from lenders.
  • Our focus on risk reduction means your investment in sustainable projects is a safe one, we guarantee that earnings will improve, which is reassuring in an uncertain economy.
Facilities Director/Project Manager

As a facilities director, it is your job to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Lately, you may have noticed energy bills rising,or maybe it’s almost time to replace some equipment, resulting in increases of your overall production cost. LittleFoot Energy specializes in working with businesses to find the projects that will have the most positive impact in your facility. Even if you think worrying about sustainability is a low priority relative to day-to-day concerns, you can rest assured that LittleFoot Energy will be there to make you look good without burdening you, every step of the way, from discovery through implementation and throughout the life of the systems we install.  We are constantly working to optimize system performance and thus, your facility’s efficiency for the long term.
  • With our expertise, we are able to create self-funding sustainability improvements, meaning your existing facilities budget remains untouched.
  • Keeping projects on track keeps management from scrutinizing your activities.
  • We will seek input from you and your team to what equipment really works and what doesn’t, don’t expect low-cost equipment that hijacks your time for repairs and babysitting.
  • We analyze enterprise business systems and programs, and design plans to implement the best combination for your business’ goals and needs.
  • We prioritize initiatives in order to develop the optimal project plan for your business and develop capital planning strategies that work for your business.
  • Operations and maintenance planning allows us to take a proactive approach to these systems, catching things before they become problems (as opposed to reactive and only fixing things after the fact).
  • Continuous commissioning, similar to operations and maintenance planning, means that there is a continuous monitoring of all systems to ensure they are working optimally and producing the most energy savings, and as soon as they start to veer off we will investigate the issue and rectify it accordingly.
  • Our focus on measurement and verification ensures that every project or system we recommend and implement are not just of the highest quality, but are the best option for your business based on investment and energy reduction goals.

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