What We Do

Today, more and more clients (both consumers and businesses) are interested in the green practices of the companies with which they do business. Hotels are seeing a surge in eco-tourism and environmentally conscious travelers.  Industrial manufacturers are being pressured to account for their greenhouse gas emissions.  A business with no sustainable vision is a business with no future. Can you offer your clients a green conscience?

In addition to the external pressures, many companies are feeling the internal and financial pressures of increasing energy costs. These costs can be reduced by rethinking the way your business consumes energy.

  • LittleFoot Energy provides a holistic solution for your business, based on both your financial and sustainability goals. We are committed to addressing the specific heating, cooling and electricity challenges you face in your facility or manufacturing process.

  • If your business has thought about sustainability but isn’t sure how or where to start, LittleFoot Energy’s OnTrack Challenge™ is the perfect way for your business to jump-start a renewable energy initiative.

In times like these, people look to their leaders for guidance and inspiration. Going green will save you money as well as help stabilize your energy costs over the long term. And by switching to clean, renewable energy, you will be a forerunner in your community and on the road to our planet’s future.


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