OnTrack Challenge™

Companies that are acting now to increase their sustainability are becoming leaders in their industries and securing their businesses for the future. With continuously rising energy costs, many businesses are seeing and feeling the effects on their bottom line. Sustainable improvements not only help decrease your business' energy expenses, they set you apart from your competition having a twofold impact on your bottom line. LittleFoot Energy's OnTrack Challenge™ makes it easy for businesses to begin the process of maximizing the efficiency of their energy usage and creating a competitive edge, while minimizing the time commitment of executives by leaving the hard work to LittleFoot Energy.  

What is the OnTrack Challenge?

A fast, efficient and risk-free system for businesses to begin identifying opportunities to reduce overall energy consumption and set the framework for the Guaranteed Business Case.

Why the OnTrack System is unique
  • The Guaranteed Business Case provides a guaranteed ROI, showing you from the beginning the impact on your business' bottom line.
  • LittleFoot Energy has the ability to find the best energy improvements for your business based on its needs and goals.  These improvements will not only be attractive to your shareholders, but your customers as well, and give your business a fresh competitive edge.
  • LittleFoot Energy works with businesses on project development and uses our resources and technology to accelerate each step of the process, avoiding problems and costs that crop up when projects have become stagnant.
  • LittleFoot Energy’s ability to provide quality assurance before, during and after project implementation means your business can focus on other things and have the peace of mind that the best possible equipment and technology are being used.
  • LittleFoot Energy considers the full life span of all energy improvements and will work with the business from the beginning to post-implementation to ensure optimal performance from day one, giving you peace of mind that we'll be there every step of the way.
  • LittleFoot Energy’s expertise in technology selection and government incentives and policies mitigates potential risk for your business, reducing unforeseen issues and costs throughout the life of the equipment.
  • LittleFoot Energy creates an Investment Grade Business Plan, encompassing funding facilitation and deal structure through technology selection, providing you with a turnkey package for your business.

The OnTrack Challenge Process:
  • A $1,500 deposit starts you on the path toward sustainability with: 
  • A preliminary walkthrough of the property to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Analysis of past 36 months of energy consumption and expenditure
  • Dialogues with stakeholders to understand your company's business and sustainability goals
  • Summary presentation of findings
  • Creation of Guaranteed Business Case
The Guaranteed Business Case is a customized and comprehensive turnkey plan based on both financial and energy reduction goals that will be guaranteed to meet your goals throughout the lifecycle of the system.

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