Is your business OnTrack?

Find out where your business is on the path towards sustainability!

In what industry does your business operate?

Other Industry

How many facilities does your business manage?

Where is/are your facility(s) located?

About how much is your avergae annual energy expense per facility (inc. heating, electricity & water)?

Please rank how your business agrees or disagrees with the following statements:

My business has felt pressure financially to "go green"

My business has felt pressure from clients/customers/competitors to "go green"

Being a leader in sustainable business would give my business a competitive edge

My businesss' bottom line has been adversely affected by rising energy costs

Please indicate where your business is regarding each of these steps towards reducing energy spend/environmental impact:

Installing Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs:

Installing motion-sensors for lights

Using email more for correspondence/ reduced overall paper usage

Installing more efficient equipment for your business' processes

Installing lowflow toilets / waterless urinals

Incorporating a monitoring system to track when and where energy is being used

Installing solar panels/water or wind turbine or other renewable source for electricity

Contacting energy consultants/ utility companies to conduct an audit of your business' energy usage

Investing in large retrofits / upgrade projects to significantly reduce energy spend

Who is responsible for making these types of decisions at your business?

What role do you play at your business?

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